kill misty cover.

Kill Misty: Threnody/300 Dollar Silk Shirt CD (no label)

1. shub ishnigarrab (7:08)
2. ereshkigal (14:12)
3. ustur (9:26)
4. vermis mysteriis (6:00)

recorded at Freemasonic Z.O.G. studios, Evanston, IL, August 1999.
produced by Weasel Walter for ugEXPLODE
music published by Sedition Dog Music (BMI) copyright 2000 TLASILA2

this is an instant masterpiece of occult FREE GLAM -- must be heard to believed! 36 minutes of mind-blowingly complex and chaotic catharsis produced by Weasel Walter. Forget everything you know --- nothing you've ever heard will prepare you for this compact disc. A true avalanche of sensory overload. This is no stupid fucking "noise" album: this is MUSIC.

as demond wilson
---'As Demond Wilson' double CD set (no label)

1. 8/21/00 - Cleveland (29:43)
2. 8/22/00 - Pittsburgh (13:34)
3. 8/24/00 - Baltimore (17:36)
4. 8/25/00 - NYC (22:49)
5. 8/27/00 - Rochester (24:14)

A compilation of the performances from the totally catastrophic TLASILA2 US tour August 2000. 5 complete shows on 2 CDs! Featuring Bastard, Nevai, Walter, Martinez and the Internal Organ -- total fucking chaos! Hear Weasel get carried out of the club against his will by the Baltimore Rowdy Crew! Hear typically unresponsive New Yorkers scratch their chins to the destruction! Hear Rat play the electric 'Beer Can'! Hear the Internal Organ randomly comment on the proceedings! Hear Nandor become repeatedly angry about the rest of the band knocking over his drum kit! Features cover songs of the Sean Bonniwell Music Machine and USA for South Africa as well as two renditions of the original hit "Mamool Must Die! (Kill Him). Digitally remastered from the original cassettes for further entertainment purposes. If you weren't there, good fuckin' luck trying to imagine what the hell happened!!!!

This is a limited and numbered item in a handmade sleeve. The fidelity is low, so this is for true FANATICS only.

---"Belatedly Embroilment the of She-She It "It" MP3 (no label)

An exclusive internet-only studio track from Fall 2000. More destruktiv psychedelia from the masters of stochastic grindcore. Click here to download it (app. 4 MB). This music is copyrighted in 2000 and published by Sedition Dog Music (BMI)