formed in May 2000 by Misty Martinez, Weasel Walter, Nandor Nevai and Rat Bastard with The Internal Organ.
committed to pleasuring the muse of TOTAL CHAOS.

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SECOND CD "The 300 Dollar Silk Shirt"
available in late July 2001 on X+Z=0 Records. Featuring 40 minutes of new material by the band that Tom Smith a.k.a. Gitesh Pranda tried vainly to convince himself wouldn't last this long! Kind of like the new Napalm Death - no original members but way better than the original!! Life is fun!!! Band will tour extensively this fall!!!

DEBUT CD "Kill Misty:Threnody/300 Dollar Silk Shirt"
available now!!! They said it was "rendered mute"... boy, were they wrong! Check out our merch page for more new TLASILA2 goodies, including an exclusive internet only download!!!


Misty Martinez: personal effects


Weasel Walter: saxophone, bass clarinet, mellotron, fretless bass guitar, 12 string electric guitar, smoke machine, destruction, excitement.

rat. nandor.
Rat Bastard: bass guitar, lead guitar Nandor Nevai: drums, voice, confusion, dissonance, manners, greivous self-mutilation, etc.